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Sector experience

360 means extensive knowledge in a plethora of business sectors and industries. This in-depth expertise could be at your side.


We have a strong expertise in working with clients from the entertainment industry as well as managing communications for cultural events, art galleries and contemporary artists. If you live and breathe art, we can help you transform your passion into a full-scale media product.

Banking and Finance Institutions

The finance and banking sector plays a vital role in the world’s economy, and we have in-depth knowledge how this industry works. Some of agency`s most prominent clients are successfully operating finance institutions with distinct brand voice and positioning.


A hard-working industry deserves a hard-working communication partner. We are specialists in dealing with the specifics of this sector such as government relations, crisis management, CSR campaigns and much more. If you build heavy stuff, we are here to lighten up your professional load.


Speedy cars and offroad beasts are our specialty. The automotive sector is the pride and joy in agency`s professional portfolio. You move fast, we work fast. Let’s drive up the adrenaline together.


Consistent communication and connecting with people are our thing. It is only logical to be masters of telco sector. We are proud to have clients from this fast-paced industry and to be able to keep up with their speed-of-light developments and mergers.


Selling FMCG is always a challenge. Communicating it in the proper way – even more so. No matter if your business is coffee, spirits or delicious treats, we are here to uplift its communication and digital strategy to the next level. Just have a taste of our expertise.


Communicating and digitally positioning beautiful stuff is not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes the fashion industry can be just as relentless as the other business sectors. We are here to make your catwalk show unforgettable or your Black Friday campaign the most profitable in the history of the brand. Haute couture digital presence and image positioning never goes out of style.


The hospitality industry is a large subsection within the service industry that is comprised of different business sectors. While all these sectors are interconnected and reliant on each other, many of them are quickly evolving due to new technologies and constantly changing customer mindsets. Our team can help you target and reach the right audience for your services or maximize your storytelling potential.

Mass Mobility Services

On-demand transportation, where a single digital platform offers riders the most efficient, seamless connection from point A to point B possible is a truly cool service that is not well-known to the public. This is a niche business sector that we are familiar with. It is the mix of huge industries and not so popular businesses that makes the uniqueness of our expertise.

Personal Brand Architecture

The wave of entrepreneurship, where popular public figures leverage their established personas to connect with their audience and create ventures that span across different industries is becoming a permanent trend. This is a highly specific field of marketing and communications that we have mastered.

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